28 Oct


Mondays are always rough. But one down, four to go.

Carry on, friends.


The Annual Battle That is October 31st

24 Oct

I’ve always hated Halloween, but as I’ve grown up, my reasons have varied.  For as long as I can remember, I’d spend the night at my grandma’s house with all of my cousins, aunts, uncles and friends, ordering pizza and going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  It was always a blast, except for Michael Myers.  My grandma has a neighbor that would go all out – hosting a haunted house and stalking people around the neighborhood.  By the time I was in middle school, the entire block knew I was petrified of the man.  The worst part?  He knew… and he’d become friends with my family.  So it became an annual thing for me to innocently use the bathroom, come out to find the man waiting for me at the door with a beer in his hand.  A beer that my family had given him.  It got easier over time, however, as I began using my baby cousins as human shields.  Michael Myers wouldn’t dare go near a baby Mike Wazowski.

And now I’m in college, an alternate world.  A world that is so focused and infatuated with a holiday that urges young women to dress in next to nothing clothing while chugging beer or jungle juice or whatever to get every horny male’s attention.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m some radical feminist or that I sit in my room on the weekends knitting or saying the rosary because I definitely don’t, but this holiday really bothers me.  I could never dress up the way I’m supposed to, in part because my parents, boyfriend and GOD would kill me, but because I’d feel completely stupid doing it.  I might as well paint my face and put on a clown nose because, to me, there’s no difference.  I’d be completely fine dressing up as a toothpaste container but then I’d be considered the odd, crazy one.  How does that happen?

I’m just as excited as the next person for a fun night out with some friends, relaxing, dancing and drinking…. sparkling water.  But Halloween gives me anxiety.  I’ll just suck it up and silently comment on the outrageous “costumes” while the rest of the world judges me for wearing all black and calling myself a cat or something.  It’s only for a few hours, I’ll remind myself, then groan at the fact that the next one is only 364 days away.

Eat Cake – I’m One!

19 Oct

You know the stupid tilt-a-whirl ride at the carnival?  You think it’s such a good idea to spin the damn wheel/table thing in the middle as fast as you possibly can, have an absolute blast the first ten seconds, then spend the rest of the ride PRAYING IT WILL STOP SPINNING AND END.  I’m positive I’ve been stuck on one since early September.  I’ve only now been able to step off.. but just for a moment.  I’ll be back at it again on Wednesday when fall break is over. 

It’s hard to believe that exactly one year ago today, I made my first post (click here if you’d like to reminisce with me).  Little did I know that by looking for a way out of studying for midterms I’d start something I never knew I was even interested in.  I know my blog is typically full of my rambles, and rarely contains anything insightful (rarely, not never), but it’s been an amazing outlet for me this past year.  Starting your first year of college is arguably one of the most difficult and daunting tasks a young person will take on, and although I can definitely say 2012 was one of the best years of my life, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have its fair share of difficulties.  Still, having this blog around made it easier, and oftentimes a little more fun.  I’ve always been a dreamer, always coming up with new wild and crazy ideas for anything under the sun since as long as I can remember.  And I always ended up not following through with them.  I would never call myself a quitter, but my imagination and heart often work faster than the rationality of my brain.  But I’ve stayed with this blog pretty thoroughly for a year now.  I know I haven’t ended world hunger or anything like that, but I’m still pretty damn proud of myself.  And to my followers?  Well, you’re all kind of awesome.  And thank you. 

I wish I could say I decided to make this big, elaborate comeback to my blog in honor of Life, Unabridged’s first birthday, but that’s not true.  In reality, I finally had a spare moment, tried to log on, had to reenter my password since it had been so long since I blogged, and suddenly saw a notification from WordPress saying “Congratulations!  You’ve reached a milestone!  Blah, blah, blah.”  I was thoroughly surprised.  Regardless, I’m back.

I know life isn’t going to get any easier or less hectic anytime soon.  I still really hate tilt-a-whirls, but I think I’m ready to jump back on.  We’re just gonna try not to spin the stupid thing for as long as we possibly can.

Eat cake, my people.  We’re celebrating!

Much love,



I couldn’t resist adding a picture of me on my actual birthday.


I’m Greek!!!

11 Sep

Just a quick update everyone….

School is going so well!  I have zero free time anymore, which is evident by my planner being COMPLETELY filled with highlighter, pen, scratches and arrows.  It’s hectic,  but I love it.
This weekend was absolutely amazing, to say the least.  After rotationals, philanthropy night and preference night, I could barely contain my excitement on Monday as I anxiously awaited 5:00 pm – the time when we’d be told what sorority we received a bid from.   
And as you can see from the pictures, the rest is history.  I already feel so at home with these girls, and I’m excited to see this new chapter of my life begin.
ZTA love,

College 2.0

5 Sep

It’s hard to imagine that I’m finishing up my second week of school, and that now’s the first time I have a spare moment to post.  But I don’t exactly exactly have a “spare moment” right now, actually.  I’m supposed to be working.  So this will be short.

College 2.0 is a transition.  It’s amazing, but still very different.  Living in an apartment is definitely a plus this year.  Even though I’m living with three other girls instead of just one, it is such an amazing feeling knowing that any one of us could just hide in our bedrooms if we feel like we ever want to kill each other.  Which has definitely already happened.  Oh well.
All my friends live in apartments close to mine, giving us all the misconception that we’re way mature and too cool for school.  But we’re not.  You should see us try to cook dinner. 
Then there’s rush.  Never in a million years would I ever think I’d be in a sorority, but as recruitment week comes to an end and rush starts in just over a day, I couldn’t be more excited.  The fact of rushing as a sophomore was definitely freaking me out before, but I’m sitting back and “trusting the process” and seeing where it goes.
I really don’t have anything else to say.  I guess this year is starting off better than last, seeing as this time last year STL seemed to be getting smashed with tsunami and tsunami, and it’s only rained once since I got here.  Then again, the blistering 100+ heat really hasn’t been anything to celebrate.  I think I’d rather go into all my classes drenched in rain instead of always walking in drenched in sweat like I have been.
That’s all for now.  Just wanted to say hello and inform you all that I haven’t died.  Because I know you were all worried.

The Summer Bucket List: Thrive or Dive?

15 Aug

We’re officially less then a week away from move in day, and the excitement can’t be contained. With the end of summer quickly approaching, it’s time to find out how successful my summer really was…

1. See Gatsby

DONE! First day of summer! I adored it. The boyfriend, though? Not so much. He was probably just jealous of Leonardo DiCaprio… whom I for whatever reason called Leonardo da Vinci the entire 143 minutes.

2. Don’t turn into a lobster from being sun burnt

That was a joke. What was worse was the fact that my sunglass lines were worse than they ever. I’d share pictures with you all, but I burned them.

3. Finish my mom’s Mother’s Day gift

Yup. Best daughter award right here.

4. Dedicate a summer picture section to my blog.

Negative, but I did post several pictures from the riveting and exciting moments that make up my everyday life (catch my sarcasm there?).

5. Pass (and dare I say excel) in my summer economics course.

Complete! 97%, friends!

6. Reread the Hunger Games trilogy

Not quite, but I have been OBSESSING over the Catching Fire trailer, and have been repeatedly watching it almost every single day!

7. Have several barbecues/bonfires with my college and high school friends

Definitely some of the highlights of my summer!

8. Go to a place I have never been before

Richard Bong Recreation Center: Somewheresville, Wisconsin. My first (and perhaps last) camping trip.

I mean, honestly, I did have a good time.

I mean, honestly, I did have a good time.

9. Find a new ice cream place

Homers! Wilmette, Illinois


10. Take a road trip through Illinois to convince myself there’s more to my state than Chicago and farms

There’s not. Fortunately there are some mini golf places, but not much else.

11. Run, run, run

Yes, surprisingly, that did happen.

12. …and then run a 5k

I’m still young….

13. See FUN at the Taste of Chicago (!!!!!)

Poor unfortunate me was out of town.

14. Break my Starbucks addiction (not my favorite, but I know I’d make my mom proud)

No. Sorry, mother. I’ve learned this summer that that will never happen.

15. Make this summer unforgettable

It was. Between hanging out with friends, vacations, the Blackhawks Stanley Cup win and even summer school, I know that this was a summer unlike any other. Cheesy, but true.


I mean, 9 1/2 out of 15 isn’t too bad, I guess. Definitely one of my greater life accomplishments.

The Great Migration: What I’m Most Looking Forward to in the Upcoming Year.

14 Aug

1. STL itself, meaning all the Ted Drewe’s, Pickleman’s and Pappy’s a girl can handle.

2. My new apartment with my lovely roommates (hopefully… I only actually know one of them…).

3. The new classes I’m taking this semester. Yes, I am “one of those kids.”

4. My new backpack. No joke.

5. The freedom that comes with being a college student living five hours away from home.

6. The… “social scene” (we’re all thinking it, I can just say it out loud).

7. My friends, aka the absolute greatest group of people on campus. xox